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Periodontal maintenancePeriodontal treatment for gum disease (pyorrhea) consists of deep cleaning (scaling and root planning) or gum (osseous) surgery to remove the pyorrhea pus pockets from around the teeth that are causing bone loss. If not treated this gum injection caused bone loss will result in loosening and movement of teeth and eventually tooth loss. Tooth loss from pyorrhea (periodontitis) results in so much bone loss that the wearing of dentures on bone deprived ridges may be very difficult. A broken tooth may be saved for a crown by a tooth lengthening procedure called crown lengthening. This same crown lengthening may remove unsightly over grown gum tissue to reveal a beautiful tooth. A thick gummy smile can be transformed into a pretty one by a combined gum removal/gum thinning procedure (gingivectomy-gingivoplasty). A long unsightly tooth may be covered with new gum tissue by any of these gum grafting procedures: free gingival, lateral pedicle, connective tissue, coronally position or double papillae. Your tooth or implant may be saved by a bone grafting procedure using your own bone (autogenous) or human or synthetic allografts.

Dental Implants are hollow titanium screws placed in the jaw bone to replace missing teeth as well as to permanently stabilize loose dentures. There are minimal gum and bone dimensions necessary for the placement of implants. If there is not enough bone or gum for the implant placement, then we can create that needed bone and gum with one of our grafting procedures. A sinus lift grafting procedure can be used to raise the maxillary sinus with a bone graft to create enough bone for upper back implants. I have also the unique ability as a periodontist with our grafting techniques to repair the failing implant should the implant develop bone loss as teeth do (peri-implantitis versus periodontitis).

Periodontal maintenance (cleaning) is recommended at 3-4 month intervals after gum therapy to help prevent return of pyorrhea problems. Our hygienist has been here over 20 years and has been trained by me to perform these thorough cleanings to prevent recurrence of gum problems. Any of our procedures may be performed in our office under the con1fort of nitrous oxide analgesia and/or conscious sedation.

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